Sunday 29 April 2012

Corsham Sci-fi day

The R4.P17 has his first public event with the MKG posing in front of the Star wars background for photos. I managed to fit a make shift sound system that seemed to go down well. The Droid still needs a bit more work on him and most important a name. What a brilliant day and the crowds of people were phenomenal.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Coming along nicely

I have got a few more details added to P17 which he is becoming know as. The hoses are made from bits of old file pipe.I have started to work on the weathering but at the moment it is not to sever as i have yet to add all the vents, ports, coin slots and other bits. Once these are in then I will really go to town on the weathering and make him look very, very used and battered. 
As yet there are no electronics fitted, I will start work on those soon .

Sunday 19 February 2012

More work on the, as the yet, un-named droid

Things are slowly coming together on the build. I have had so many other things on lately that progress has been slow by my standards however I am now getting to the point where I can think about the final finish. Emy and Zoe cost loads of money to paint, and with this build I will not be able to spend as much money on the paint work, so instead will have to come up with a clever way to make a hand painted surface look like metal???? This droid will be very, very weathered so this will in part hide the less than perfect paint finish. I am still in two minds about the vents and ports, should I make them or just paint them on?
The idea of this droid is to be a static unit that will support our charity collections at events so in theory it does not need to be screen perfect, however, I still want it to look good.

Friday 30 December 2011


The Utility arms and vents still have a fair bit of work to do on them but I decided to go ahead and fit the utility arms hinges. They are a very simple system of two wood blocks with a bolt through them allowing them to move. They will probably be radio controlled, a simple servo controlling them. The vents fitted quite well considering and should look good once complete. The holes in the body for the coin slots have also been cut.

Parts for the droid

It is always the smaller parts that take the longest to make due to the detail that you must add. The boosters are well underway now with only a few more details to cut, these will then be ready for filling and undercoat. The ankle details are very easy to make and are now also complete, just cut from 12mm MDF and sculpted. The front vents were cut from 25mm MDF and were a pain to cut, the same as with Emy. It only took me three attempts this time to get a reasonable shape. The coin slots and power cupling 
are being re-used from Emy's build. She does not need them anymore as she now has alloy ones.